October Miscellaneous

We celebrated Grandpa Clayton's birthday in early October and took this adorable picture of him with the grandkids...
We went to a family picnic for my work, and the boys had a blast playing in the bubbles from the Bubble Bus.

 The boys and I took a quick trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was really crowded, so I agreed to stand in line for their train ride, if they stayed on the nearby slides where I could see them.  Unfortunately, I had to leave the line when I couldn't see them for awhile, and it turned out they had wandered over to the maze.  I was not a happy mama (and also a little panicked!!).  We left pretty quickly after that, so we missed out on most of our traditional pumpkin patch activities.

Luckily, our friend Hayden had her birthday party at a pumpkin patch, so they got to redeem themselves and have the full experience that day.  Jason took them, so needless to say I don't have any pictures.

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