New Friend and Other Updates

Jack met another friend on Monday. My friend from work Stephanie and her family, including little Owen, who is 8 weeks younger than Jack, were in town from Louisiana for Christmas. Stephanie and I compared notes our entire pregnancies and have continued to do so now that our sons have arrived, so it was great to finally get the little guys together. Owen was kind of sleepy, but they did get in a little playtime on the floor, and even held hands for a few minutes. We can't wait until the Dahls move back to St. Louis so Jack and Owen can have more play dates!Jack also tried out his new ducky bathtub Monday. He was getting way too big for the baby tub, but he's not quite sitting up on his own, so during the in-between phase I have determined bath time is a two-parent job. Doesn't he look cute?? Our little chubster.
Jack has another new skill as of about a week ago: he loves to grab his feet. Pretty cute!
We also got out his exersaucer again - last time we tried, he was a little too short, so we put it back away. Now he's big enough, and he loves it! He's already learned how to bend each of the little toys so they reach his mouth.
I have to post this quick video of Jack in his Jumperoo - he loves to bounce. I recently started watching his feet when he jumps and he brings them together like he's clicking his heels - it's so funny.

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Alison Marciano said...

It's so crazy b/c Jack and Giana are doing everything alike! ;) Giana has been obsessed with her feet for the past couple weeks as well!!