Solid Foods!

Jack hit a big milestone Sunday - he started solid foods! He got his first taste of rice cereal and he did pretty well. I'd say about half of the 1 tablespoon made it into his belly, with the rest landing on his chin and bib. He looks so stinking cute in his high chair. It was a shower gift (thanks Lisa, Amanda and Alison!), but we just put it together for the occasion. He has started every morning since Sunday with 1 tbs. of rice cereal and I have to say he's getting better and better at keeping it in his mouth. He even opens his mouth when he sees the spoon coming.

After about a week of the rice cereal, we'll make our way through the other cereals (oatmeal, barley, wheat) for about a week at a time, working up to 3-4 tbs. at a time. Then we'll start introducing vegetables and then fruits. Fun times at the Clayton household! Our little baby man is growing up so fast!

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