More New Things

First and most importantly, Jack rolled over Thursday! I was working from home because of the snow and Jason was home for the day. He laid Jack down on his back and instantly he rolled over onto his belly. Then a minute or so later, he rolled back to his back. Big day! He of course hasn't done it again since, but it's still exciting. We debated if that actually counts or not because it was kind of a fluke, but we decided, yes, that counts as his first roll over.

He's also easily making his way through the cereals. Last Sunday he started oatmeal and loved it, and tonight he tried barley and...you guessed it: loved it. I'm beginning to think our son will love everything we put in front of him. We'll see when we get to the veggies and fruits. I imagine the cereals all taste pretty similar. I tasted the barley, and it seemed a lot like oatmeal to me.

Here are some pics of the little guy:

Snuggling with Maggie:
Oatmeal!His new thing - sucking on his bottom lip. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

Annie, Who has hijacked your comments? Weird!!!! Can't wait to see you guys! -Amanda

Aclay said...

Not sure, that happens sometimes - pretty annoying!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Jack sucking on his lip is my favorite picture of him! He gets cuter and cuter in every picture!! :)