Another Doctor Visit

On New Year's Eve, I took Jack to the doctor again. I had called the day before to discuss his sleeping issues (he had been waking almost every hour every night since Christmas, and his naps were not good either), and the nurse suggested it could be an ear infection. He wasn't really showing any other symptoms, but I thought better safe than sorry. The nurse practitioner that we met with said his ears were fine, but he was congested. She suggested using a humidifier, which we already were, and squirting saline drops into his nose three times per day. They seem to be helping, and he is finally getting close to back on schedule. Phew - that was a long week. I'm so glad I was off work - I don't know how I would have functioned on such little sleep.

Strangely, Jack weighed 21 lbs., 10 oz. at this check-up. Granted, they don't strip down to their diaper for "sick" visits, and his diaper was probably a wet one, but really? 13 oz. more than his check-up only 8 days earlier?? Crazy.

Back to the subject of sleep, we are still waging the 'to swaddle or not to swaddle' battle. I have talked to lots of people and there are a LOT of different opinions. Many say that you should stop swaddling at this age so the baby can continue to develop his motor skills. Others say swaddle the baby as long as he wants to be swaddled. We are leaning towards the latter at this point, but there are times when Jack just really doesn't want to be confined. Some nights he's fully swaddled, some he's swaddled with his arms out and some he's wearing a sleep sack. It seems to be going OK and like I said, he's pretty much back to his normal sleeping patterns.

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