Veggie Time

As I mentioned in my last post, Jack has officially started veggies. Last Monday he had his first taste of sweet potatoes and, not surprisingly, loved them! Here's the video:

A funny sweet potato face:
This making our own baby food thing is seriously so easy (so far). This weekend I baked 1 butternut squash and 2 acorn squash and after I pureed them they yielded 28.5 tablespoons and 23 tablespoons, respectively. Considering we're only feeding Jack 2 tablespoons at a sitting, that's quite a stockpile! And I think the gourds cost a total of $3.00 or something. Bargain! Jack tried the butternut squash this morning and of course loved it. We'll save the acorn squash for next week.

First bite of butternut squash:
Smiling at his Daddy:
Jack is still sleeping great with his lovey. We have to go in pretty much every night and move it off of his face - he loves to sleep that way! Wednesday morning, I took this picture (poor quality because I turned the flash off so as not to wake the little sleeping man):Jack helped Mommy do laundry this week, and we only had 2 spit-up casualties that had to be rewashed (probably should have done this photo shoot with dirty clothes instead of clean ones)
Why not chew the laundry basket?Jack's latest thing: leaning in to Maggie with mouth wide open hoping for some yummy puppy kisses. We are really trying to teach Maggie not to lick his face, but how can she resist this target?
I loved this picture until I saw the enormous drop of drool on his face. Nice. Might need to invest in Photo Shop one of these days.

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