5 Months Old!

Jack is officially 5 months old - phew! Time is flying! Our little guy is getting more personality every day. He thinks his parents are the funniest people alive (especially Daddy when he tickles him), and just loves to smile his little toothless grin at everyone. He has rolled over a few more times, but isn't really doing it consistently yet. I just think he has no interest in being on his belly, so why roll onto it? He's also getting pretty good at sitting up - he still topples over of course, but he can sit unsupported for several seconds. This morning I sat him in his Boppy pillow and he was able to sit all by himself for about 10 minutes (good idea Darlene). Big boy!

Last week we discovered the trick to get Jack to fall asleep on his own again - a lovey! He had been doing so well falling asleep but ever since the whole week after Christmas, he's needed Jason or me to stay in the room with him so he could hold our hand while he falls asleep. I was tempted to just keep this habit up for, say, the next 10 years or so because it was so special, but that's not really healthy for the little guy. Plus we would inevitably wake him up when we pried our hands away. Last Wednesday night we broke out one of the loveys we got as a shower gift, and sure enough, Jack snuggled it and fell quickly asleep. Magic! He loves to rub it all over his face and head, so we just check back in with him after a few minutes to carefully move it away from his nose and mouth. I can't believe we didn't try this sooner! We have 3 loveys, so we're rotating them regularly so he doesn't get too hooked on one.

Jack's still loving the cereal and has now eaten rice, oatmeal and barley. I decided to put the wheat cereal on hold for awhile since I've read wheat tends to be more of an allergen than other foods. That means it's time for veggies!! We have decided to make our own baby food, and thanks to Leslie we have nice starter kit complete with ice cube trays with lids and recipe books. Lisa also pointed us to a useful website that gives all kinds of info on making your own food. Turns out it's pretty simple and super cheap! Last night we baked one medium and one small sweet potato and after I pureed it with some breast milk, it yielded 19 tablespoons! Wow! Jack will be tasting sweet potato for the first time tonight, so more on that in the next post.

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