Day Care

We've recently decided to change our day care situation for Jack. It has just been too overwhelming for Grandpa Clayton to care for our two nieces and Jack. I called Monsanto's day care, which has a long waiting list, and by some stroke of luck there was a part-time spot available for an infant for Tuesdays and Thursdays! Turns out there's a little guy who was born 9 days before Jack that goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday and they needed another baby around the same age to fill in the other days. I am so excited!! The day care is not run or subsidized by Monsanto, but it is on our campus and is available only to Monsanto employees. It is a very nice place and I have several coworkers whose kiddos go there and they are all very happy.

I just got a new job (within Monsanto) and I move to the other side of campus a week from tomorrow. It's perfect because my new desk has a window that looks out across a parking lot to the day care!! Literally, if Jack and his little classmates are outside playing, I'll be able to see him! How fun is that?? I bet I'll be really productive when that happens. In addition to that, I'll be able to pop in and check on him occasionally and even take him to lunch with me if I want.

Jack starts at his new day care on Tuesday, so I will post an update on how it goes. I'm honestly more worried about how Mommy will do than Jack. :)

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