Off the Charts!

Well, it's official...our son is off the charts!! Jack had his 2 month check-up today, and he weighs 16 lbs., 14 oz., which is pretty far off the charts! He's 24.5" long, which is the 92nd percentile and his head circumference is 16 1/4", which is 79th percentile. The doctor said no worries about his size, he's just going to be a big boy.

He did warn us that he might not roll over anytime soon since he has so much weight and cushiness - too funny.

Jack also had 4 immunizations today. The first was just a liquid they squirted in his mouth and was painless, but the other three were not as easy! After the first shot, he had a look of shock, and after the second and third quickly followed, he let out a piercing, heartbreaking wail. I picked him up immediately and gave him his bottle and he was good to go, but not before Mommy and Daddy shed a few tears. I think it hurt us more than it hurt him!

The rest of the check-up went well - the doctor said his head control/neck strength is great and everything else looks good. We asked about his excessive spitting up, but the doctor said as long as he's gaining weight (clearly is), isn't fussy (rarely is) and is consistently filling his diapers (no problem there!), then it's not an issue. Phew!

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