Jack is doing great! Ever since he turned two months old on October 17, he's been going 9+ hours between feedings overnight. I was waiting to write about it for fear of jinxing it, but it looks like the sleep is here to stay!! He often wakes up once or more, but we just have to put his pacifier back in his mouth and he's right back to sleep. I'm so happy this happened before I have to go back to work a week from Monday (sniff, sniff), so I won't be a zombie like I expected!

He is getting so strong - very good at holding up his head and loves to sit up (with assistance, of course). He's making all kinds of fun noises now - you can tell he's really trying to hold a conversation with you because he makes really good eye contact when he's "talking." He stayed with my parents last night while Jason and I went to the hockey game and they took this cute video, which perfectly displays his favorite sound, the gurgle!! He's doing this ALL the time - we love it!!

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The Hazletons said...

I love techonology!!!!! Miss you guys!