Big Boy

We did another unofficial weight check Friday night, and according to the home scale, Jack weighs somewhere around 16 lbs! Yowzers!! I can't wait for his doctor's appointment a week from Tuesday to see where he falls - I bet he is off the charts.

My friend Stephanie had her baby yesterday! Owen and Jack will have to get together to play after Stephanie & Brandon move back from Louisiana!!

Chrissy is being induced first thing tomorrow morning - more news on that when I have it!

Maggie could not get close enough to Jack the other day while Grandma was holding him - we're starting to think she thinks she needs to protect him when others are holding him. She only does it when someone is holding him that is not Jason or me, but she just has to sit RIGHT on top of the person.
Jack's audition for the next eTrade commercial:Just looking cute today:

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