At Long Last...A Real Bath!!

Well, Missouri sports left something to be desired last night, with all three teams losing their games. However, we were ecstatic about the loss that occurred at our house - the umbilical stump is FINALLY gone!! I almost cried I was so excited - the poor little guy is 7.5 weeks old!!!

This morning we gave him his first real bath! He was a trooper - he liked being in the water, but cried the first few times I poured water over him - I don't think he knew what to think. He got used to it though and I think he liked it in the end.

We only had two pee incidents - one in the bath and one as soon as he got out - I suppose it could be worse and probably will be in some future bath.I put him in his ducky bathrobe after the bath (he wanted to snuggle so he didn't feel like smiling for this picture). Amazing what a difference 7 weeks makes!

First sponge bath - 8/23/2009:
First real bath - 10/9/2009:

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