Another New Friend

Jack finally met his New York girlfriend!!! Giana and Alison came in town this weekend for a visit. Poor little Giana had a rough go of it with some tummy issues and was just out of sorts with the travel and routines being out of whack, BUT she is absolutely adorable!! Despite being 2 days older than Jack, she seems like such a peanut next to him! We'll find out for sure this week when both of them have their 2 month check-ups, but my guess is Jack's got her by at least 4 pounds.

I had a really nice time both Saturday night at Jen's shower/bachelorette party and today when all my girlfriends (and their kiddos) came over to visit. With Alison in New York and Amanda in San Antonio, it's been a loooooong time since we've all hung out. Fun times. Amanda and/or Emily will hopefully supply the group photos since I didn't take any, so stay tuned.

Here are some pictures of the babies from today. Cute, cute!

Ella & Lisa, Giana & Alison and Jack & me
Pretty girl Giana:Giana and Jack playing footsie:
Girlfriend & Boyfriend:Sweet Giana:

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Alison Marciano said...

Love all the pics girl!!! It was so great to get together and have our babies meet!! Giana misses her boyfriend already! ;(