Lessons Learned

I've learned a few mommy lessons in the past week or two.

1. Last week at Taylor's football game I brought a bottle for Jack and it was spilling all over his chin with hardly any going in his mouth. Not a pleasant experience for either of us. Turns out it was a size 2 nipple instead of the size 1 he was accustomed to - who knew? He could have been in a Got Milk? ad, only instead of a milk mustache he had a milk goatee. Lesson learned: always check the nipple size before giving him a bottle!

2. We are now battling a case of cradle cap. I'm told the remedy is to apply baby oil to his hair and comb out the flakes. Of course, I then bathe him to get the oil out, but apparently I didn't get it all out. When his daddy got ahold of him with still-wet hair, this is what he did to him:The bath was Sunday night and this picture was Monday morning. His hair was spiked ALL day yesterday. Lesson learned: don't let Daddy get near wet, partially oiled hair.

Jack is doing very well. He is now 7 week old. It's amazing how his little personality is starting to show! He's smiling a lot and making lots of little noises. We are having so much fun with him. He's also sleeping really well, much to my delight! He typically goes 6-7 hours after his last feeding of the evening, so I'm only usually getting up once with him.

This week's milestone was his first babysitter. Jason and I went to a wedding Saturday night so Jack stayed with Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Todd. Aside from a few tears by me when we first got to their house to drop him off (come on, is anyone surprised?), it went really well. Turns out I can survive with him out of my sight.

Jack also gained a new friend this weekend - Steve & Kate welcomed their baby girl, Zoey Elizabeth, on Saturday afternoon!! We haven't met her yet, but I will most pictures when we do - sometime in the next week or two. We are still awaiting the arrival of Baby Lade, who was due on Sunday.

New pictures of our growing boy:


The Hazletons said...

Love the family pic! He looks so big!!!

Alison Marciano said...

countdown until jack and giana meet!!! can't wait to see that little guy in person!!