Nora's Newborn Pictures

I decided since we plan for Nora to be our last baby, it was justified to splurge a little on professional newborn pictures.  With Jack we just had the pictures from the hospital and with Charlie I hired an old friend that just takes pictures on the side.  This time we went with an official newborn photographer, Jill Shadden from In the Moment Photography.

We went to her studio when Nora was 11 days old, and she got some GREAT pictures.  We are so happy with how they turned out (with the exception of our family picture, but it's not Jill's fault I was 11 days postpartum and didn't look great!!)

We are planning to have Jill take our pictures two more times: once over the summer and once when Nora is a year old.  She just moved to a new studio in Cottleville, so we're excited to check that out in June!

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