Meeting Santa

The day after Nora was born, Jason and the boys attended Breakfast with Santa at Jack's school. They said it was a fun time - they had Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and did some fun activities.  They got to see their cousins, most of the neighbors and some of Jack's classmates.  The favorite was the station where you poured various colored sugar into a tube like a giant Pixie Stick (cringe!!).  There was a little shop where kids could buy gifts for family, but Jason strategically avoided that section.  Next year when I'm not 1 day postpartum, we will definitely check it out - I remember buying what I thought were the best treasures for my family at the Santa's Secret Shop when I was in elementary school.

I decided that even though Nora was such a newbie, we couldn't skip the opportunity for her first photo on Santa's lap.  We went to Bass Pro the day Nora turned two weeks old, just before Santa's Workshop opened.  It worked out perfectly; we were about 10th in line and only had to wait 10-15 minutes.

So happy to have this picture to add to our 'pictures with Santa' collection, which we display every year around the holidays!

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