One Month Old!

Nora turned one month old on January 4.  She is growing so fast!!  By one month she had outgrown pretty much all the newborn clothes in her closet and was filling out the 3 month clothes quite well.  We moved her to her own bed shortly after the one month mark.  She was starting to get pretty fidgety in the Rock N Play, so we decided to give the crib a whirl. She did great sleeping in there, and we started getting better sleep too without hearing every little grunt and squeak.
A couple days after she turned one month old, Nora had her follow-up appointment with the urologist.  I also decided it was time to introduce her to a bottle, so we did that while we were waiting for her ultrasound.  It was pretty funny; I made Jason take pictures of her first bottle, but the receptionist was calling our name to get us checked in.  He apologized and they said "it's OK, she's your first, isn't she?"  And he said "Oh, no, she's our third; my wife just insists on documenting everything..."  Haha!!

She took it like a champ with very little hesitation, but I learned that even the size 1 Avent nipples were too fast for my breast-feeding baby.  Since then we've switched to our Dr. Brown bottles and she does great with them.

We got to go in with her for her ultrasound this time, so of course I took a couple pictures!  She did great and the technician got all the measurements she needed.

After the ultrasound we met with the urologist.  He said her kidneys looked the same.  We were hoping they would've shrunk, but at least they didn't get bigger.  He said he still can't rule out reflux without doing that invasive test, but since her ureters still look fine, he's assuming/hoping she doesn't have reflux.  He gave us the option of taking her off the antibiotic or keep her on it as a precaution.  We weighed the pros and cons and decided to keep her on it until her next appointment, which will be in April.  The doctor said there have been tests proving that the prophylactic antibiotic does in fact prevent kidney infections IF she has reflux, so we decided better safe than sorry.  There are no long-term effects of continuous Amoxicillin use, so the only con is that we have to remember to give it to her every day.

Nora had her one month check-up a little late because her pediatrician was out of town.  At 5 weeks old, her weight was 11 lbs, 3.8 oz (84th percentile) and her height was 22.5" (90th percentile).  Her head size is 39 cm (95th percentile).  Quite an increase from where she was at 12 days (66th and 47th percentile in weight and height, respectively)!  Baby girl is big like her brothers!!
She is getting so strong and does a great job holding her head up on her own.  The doctor was impressed when he laid her on her belly how well she could lift her head.  I credit all the snuggling since her favorite is to be held up on your shoulder facing you.
Nora met her buddy Lincoln in early January too.  This is our neighbor's third son, and he was born in mid-September.  His older brothers are the same ages as Jack and Charlie, so Nora and Lincoln will be seeing a lot of each other over the years.

And here are some other pictures of Nora's first month.  We'll call this 'the many faces of Nora.'

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