Two Months Old!

Nora turned two months old on February 4th.  Our big girl keeps getting bigger!  At her check-up, she was 13 lbs, 12.6 oz (93rd percentile), 23 1/4" long (91st percentile) with a 16" head (97th percentile).  Sadly, she had to get two shots while we were there.  She was not a fan, but she calmed down quickly with some mama snuggles.

Baby girl started sleeping a lot better this month.  When she was just over 7 weeks old, she went 6 hours one night and 7 hours the following night.  I thought we were golden!  But then she went back to 4-4.5 hours.  Ho hum.  Finally the night before she turned two months old she slept through the night!!  She actually woke up after 5.5 hours, but I gave her the pacifier and she went back to sleep for another 3.5 hours.  I accidentally woke her at 7:00 am, after she'd been asleep 9 hours.  I was so happy!!  Since then she has done great!

I mentioned this before, but she has great neck strength.  Here she is demonstrating with tummy time.

Nora started smiling at us at about 5 weeks.  She was pretty stingy with those smiles at first, so it took awhile to get good pictures.  She started "talking" to us just before the two month mark with little coos and gurgles.
The boys are still loving their baby sister.  They're really getting the hang of helping out.  If Nora fusses, they always want to help by getting her pacifier for her.  In the car, Charlie has started singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to her if she's fussy, which is really sweet.  I caught a video of him singing at home one day.  I asked why he was singing in such a silly voice, and he said he was using his baby voice since Nora is a baby.  Fair enough.
One day we had decent weather, so we tried out our new stroller.  Nora was all bundled up and she did great.

One night this month after the boys went to bed, Nora had some major bubbles hanging out of her mouth.  She seriously had this for a solid 5 minutes.  Jason and I were dying imagining her thinking "What?  What's everyone laughing at?"  Hahahaha!!

Here are the pictures from Nora's monthly photo shoot:

And the monthly comparison.  I can't believe how much she grew from month one to month two.  Look how much she filled out!!  Chunky monkey!

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