January Fun!

Here are a few of our highlights from January.  First, we went to a birthday party for our neighbor Will, which was at Jump 4 Fun.  The boys loved it!

This was written on the back of one of Jack's worksheets from school.  I LOVE this stage, when they sound words out...
Charlie had crazy hat hair at Jack's soccer game:
The third weekend in January, Nora and I went to a girls weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks with our neighbors.  I debated even going at all, but I decided at the last minute to go and just bring Nora along.  She was 6 weeks old at the time, and she was a total trooper!  She did great on her first long car rides, barely made a peep while we shopped all day Saturday and even slept while 7 people got pedicures (which took forever with only 2 technicians on staff).  She did start to get a little feisty while we were out to dinner Saturday night, but we literally had been gone from the condo for 8 hours.  So proud of my little lady!
All the ladies (except Nora and me): Kim, Melissa, Kim, Chrissy, Renee, Theresa & Jen

Kim, Nora, Theresa and Jen
Pedicures!!  Melissa & me

We did some damage at the outlet mall!!

These were my purchases for Nora - girl clothes are so much fun!!
While the girls were at the lake, the boys had some fun of their own.  Jason took the boys to a class at the Zoo.  The subject was Safari so they made safari vests in the class.  They had a fun time!

After the class, they headed to Jack's soccer game.  It was the first week in a new league but they also received t-shirts because they got first place in the indoor league they had just completed at Vetta Sports.  Champions!
Back row: Coach Tommy, Kaelen, Preston, Jack, Jackson, Coach Jared
Front row: Tyler, Connor, Parker, Louis
On Martin Luther King day, Jack was off school, so we went to Kokomo Joe's with our friends the Duckworths.  The kids had a lot of fun bouncing, mini bowling and playing glow in the dark putt putt.

We celebrated Grandma Lang's birthday with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings:
At the end of the month, Charlie went to a birthday party at Bounce U for one of his school buddies...
Charlie's standing towards the left; white shirt with red sleeves

Nora and I tried out her new sling, which worked out well
It was another fun month!!

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Kelly Goforth said...

I always like to compare measurements from the babies check-ups (one of the very nice things about these blogs). Parker was only 12lb 6 oz at 2 mths, but 24 in long. Nora is winning in the girl contest!