Goforth Visit

Aunt Kelly, Uncle Greg, Parker and Graham came to visit and meet Nora the week after she was born.  They arrived Thursday and stayed until Tuesday, so it was a nice visit.  I wasn't great about taking pictures, but I have a few.

Friday we kept Jack home from school so he could visit with his cousins.  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Greg took the kids to Creve Coeur Park (after striking out at their first few destination choices) and played on the playground and threw rocks into the lake (a favorite pastime for Jack and Charlie).

Friday night we celebrated my mom's retirement from Brentwood Dental Group with a nice dinner at our house.  We had prime rib and busted out the fine china (probably the third time it's been used since we received it almost 10 years ago).  Nora got all dolled up for the occasion.

We gave Grandma a new iPod (preloaded by Grandpa with her favorite songs) for her retirement

Saturday was unseasonably warm, so we ventured out to a playground.  Nora's first real outing.

Sunday we celebrated Lang Christmas.

Monday Jack had school and Jason and Greg squeezed in a fishing trip, so Aunt Kelly, Grandma and Grandpa took the other 3 kiddos to Pump It Up for some bouncing fun.  While we were waiting for Grandpa to pick Charlie up, we tried out one of his new Christmas presents, a game called Make N Break.  It was fun!
And burning some energy:
We had one more dinner with the Goforth clan, and then they headed home on Tuesday.  After their visit, my parents found these papers in their basement from a day when Jack, Charlie and Parker were playing school.  Jack was the teacher and was apparently teaching them about dinosaurs.  I love it!

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