Polar Express

On December 1 we had our last outing as a family of four - we went on the Polar Express.  It's a train ride that starts at Union Station and travels through downtown, ending at a staged "North Pole" that you can view out the train window, after which the train travels backwards back to the station.  The whole ride took about an hour.

They had a conductor and some workers on each car who read the story of the Polar Express and then they played Christmas and Frozen music for the kids to dance.  They served hot chocolate and a cookie to each person, and then Santa made his appearance.  Each child got to talk to him for a second and get his/her picture with him.

The boys had a decent time, and Jack even joined in on the dancing towards the end, but the tickets were very hard to get (it felt like I was buying concert tickets when I logged on as soon as they went on sale and already my first several date/time selections were sold out).  I ended up having to upgrade our seats in order to get a date before baby's arrival, which meant we paid more money and got a commemorative hot chocolate mug to take home (which will likely end up in the trash can).  It was very pricey!!
It was a nice night, and I'm glad we went, but I'm not sure we'll be jumping on the bandwagon of the Polar Express lovers who go every year.

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