Christmas Decorations

With baby scheduled to be born on December 4, I knew we needed to get our Christmas decorations up early or not at all.  This year I found a tree at Hobby Lobby for the boys to put in their room, and it was a big hit!  It was the first thing we got out, and they had so much fun decorating it

Side note: this was the same night the boys watched Home Alone for the first time.  They thought it was an absolute riot!  When I got out the tree decorations and they saw the strings of beads I bought, they proceeded to "booby trap" our house all night a la Kevin McCallister.  So funny.

I found a few ornament-making kits with my Christmas stuff that I had picked up on clearance last year.  The boys spent over an hour on two separate occasions diligently making new ornaments for their tree.  Not a bad $3 clearance investment!!

We got our big tree up:

At the end it was a big debate who was going to put the star on top.  We decided Charlie would be best since he's the lightest...

 But he couldn't squeeze the clamp hard enough to get it on there, so we switched to plan B:
 Turns out Jack was too heavy and it was awkward, so plan C it was...
I laughed so hard watching this all go down.  It's the little things in life....

I'm happy to say we got the whole house decorated and most of our presents wrapped before baby arrived!!

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