School Updates

The boys both took pretty good school pictures this year.  Jack got eaten alive by mosquitoes the day before his pictures and had bites all over his face, so we paid the extra $5 for facial touch-up. :)

 And here are Charlie's:

 We had Jack's first parent teacher conference in October.  His teacher was very complimentary of him, even going so far as to say she was "smitten with that boy."  We were very pleased.  She said he always does his work very quickly and she can tell that he's a very fast and eager learner.  He passed all the check points with flying colors, as they were skills he's had for a few years (upper and lower case letter recognition, number recognition and shapes).  While we were waiting to meet with the teacher, we saw this picture on the bulletin board:

The other thing that was displayed in the hallway was Jack's "All About Me" book, which we loved looking at.  One of my favorite things is when kids write words how they sound, and Jack is getting a lot more confident doing that now (vs asking us how to spell each word that he wants to write).

We've since received a second progress report and this one had a few comments on it.  One said "Jack needs to curb his talking during my instruction" and the other said "talking and silliness."  We are afraid our boy is getting bored.  The reason we think that is that he has been telling us.  Every day.  Some mornings he says he doesn't want to go to school because kindergarten is boring and they're just learning letters and he knows his letters, etc.  He complains when he does his homework because it's too easy (and frankly Charlie could easily complete most of the work Jack has brought home).  We are going to speak with his teacher to see if there are modifications she can make to challenge him more, but our understanding is that starting after the holidays, they will divide the kids into reading groups so they will be challenged at their own level.  That should help some.

Charlie's parent teacher conference this fall went just as well.  His teachers really like him and say that he is so fun to have in class.  He gets along great with his peers and is great at using his manners. Ironically the checkpoint for Charlie was EXACTLY the same as Jack's (upper and lowercase letter recognition, number recognition and counting and shapes) and Charlie too mastered it.  Since Charlie has another year and a half before kindergarten, we suspect we will be in the same boat with this one once he starts school.

A few other fun events that took place at Jack's school:

In November, they celebrated Veterans Day by inviting any family member veterans to attend an assembly.  That meant Grandpa Clayton got to go, and Jack, Lily and Mia loved having him there!
Lily & Jack got to sit on Grandpa's lap; Mia was with the choir

We also attended Kindergarten Fun Night.  They have a fun night for each grade each year.  For kindergarten it was a Friday evening where they just got to play different games (hula hoop, tug-o-war, parachute, egg & spoon race, etc.).  I volunteered to help out and was assigned the snack room.  It turned out to be a pretty fun station because we got to talk to the kids as they came through.  One of the groups had 6 girls from Jack's class and one from another class.  I told them I was Jack's mom and they said "oooh, Jack is soooo cute" in their giggly little girl voices.  What??  This starts already??  Jack had a lot of fun, and even Charlie got to go - they had some high school kids volunteer to watch the younger siblings, so Charlie and his buddy Logan got to play in a kindergarten class, which they thought was cool.
Jack is all the way on the right, with his orange sleeve on the railing.

 The week of Thanksgiving, I had a few days off work, so Jason, Charlie and I brought Jack lunch one day.  It was a fun treat for Charlie to see what lunch is like at Jack's school, but boy did Jack get wild at lunch!!  He and his buddy Jack (our neighbor) seem to feed off each other and show off - we can see why their teacher made the comments that she did on both of their progress reports!!

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