September Goforth Visit

The weekend after Charlie's birthday, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Greg, Parker and Graham came to visit.  We crammed a lot of fun into a quick weekend.  We started out with a trip to Purina Farms.  It was a Friday, so Jack was in school and unfortunately had to miss it.

We watched the cow milking demonstration:
Then Charlie & Parker got to try it out...
Then we watched the dog show
That night we went to the annual carnival at our grade school.  The kids loved riding the rides and playing games!
It turns out I'm a little scared of heights in my old age - I was NOT comfortable on the big ferris wheel
Some videos of the action:

They even got cotton candy - lucky kids!
On Saturday evening, Kelly & Greg had plans with her friends, so Grandma, Grandpa and I took the kids to a playground to burn some energy
Sunday we had our family and Jason's family over to our house for a little combo birthday celebration for Charlie and Parker.

We had a fun weekend!!

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