Miscellaneous Fall 2015

One more miscellaneous post to get me caught up!  Here are some of the fun things we did this fall...

We attended a movie in the park in our neighborhood.  They were showing Home, which we thought was cute.  What we didn't think was cute were the people who brought their lawn chairs and sat close to the front, making it hard for those of us with blankets to see.  We also had a very noisy family sitting next to us, making it hard for us to hear.   It was OK, but probably not something we'll do every time.
The next day, the boys went over to Grandma and Grandpa Clayton's house so Jason and I could paint the baby's room.  But then this happened....
I tried to move the dresser and it started to tip, dumping the entire full can of paint on the floor.  The lid popped off and it made a giant mess.  We got a towel to start cleaning it up, but within a minute or two, we looked at each other and said "we're getting new carpet, right?" and quickly stopped worrying about clean-up.  Jason made light of the situation...
So, baby got brand new carpet a week later.  :)

The boys switched to a new dentist in O'Fallon, and they got their first set of x-rays.  They both did great!

The last weekend in September we originally planned to go camping, but because some of the men had an all day golf tournament on Sunday we decided to "camp" in our court instead.  We all brought camping type foods (hot dogs, s'mores, etc).  The kids did a scavenger hunt and they brought their sleeping bags to watch a movie.  One of the neighbors borrowed a giant blow-up movie screen from his work, and we loved it so much, we decided to all chip in that very night and order one for our neighbors to share.  What a fun investment!

While Jason played in the golf tournament the next day, the boys and I visited with my aunts and some of my cousins.  We got to take a picture of some of the next generation...
Wilson, Olivia, Owen, Jack, Teagan, Evelyn and Charlie
At the end of September Charlie had a check-up with his eye doctor.  He did great at the appointment, and we got some good news - he doesn't have to wear his patch any more!!  We will go back in May to make sure his eye hasn't regressed, but for now we're patch-free!

The first weekend in October the City of O'Fallon brought all of their emergency vehicles to the Target parking lot for the kiddos to check out.  The boys had a lot of fun!

When the Cardinals were in the playoffs, we decided to try out our neighborhood big screen.  We set it up on our patio and it was fun.   We were joking that it was like a beckoning device because random neighbors would be driving by and would stop to come watch the game with us.  Fun night!

Charlie got invited to a birthday party at a pumpkin patch for one of his classmates.  The highlight was the bikes they got to ride, but there was also a climbing structure and a hayride where they got to pick out a pumpkin.

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