Fall 2015 Soccer

The boys both played outdoor soccer this fall.  Jack was on his regular team, but they switched to a different, tougher league (SCCYSA).  It was a lot of fun watching them play on a bigger field against good competition.  They won less than half of their games, but it was much more fun (in my opinion).

We signed Charlie up in the same league as Jack.  We signed up to be on the same team as his buddy Brooks, but other than that it was a random team.  They play on a small field 3 v 3 with no goalies.  Charlie took a few games to get into it, and after that he did pretty well.  There was one boy on his team who was a super star, and Charlie likes to tell us "Mason was the best player on my team, and I was the second best player."

It was pretty convenient having them play at the same park as each other.  A few of their games conflicted and sometimes one would have a morning game and one an afternoon game, but a few times we got lucky with back-to-back games, which was glorious!

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