First Week Home

The first place Nora checked out when we got home was the Rock N Play we borrowed from Aunt Kelly.  She looked so teeny in there!  We put this next to our bed and she slept there at night.  We didn't get a ton of sleep that first night home, but most subsequent nights she was pretty good about going back to sleep after she ate.  Some nights she was noisy and fidgety and would require some help going back to sleep.
The day after we left the hospital, we had a check-in with Nora's pediatrician.  She weighed 7 lbs, 3.8 oz, which was still below her birth weight, so I was instructed to keep waking her to eat every 3 hours or so (with maybe a 4 hour stretch mixed in if she'd go for it).  Other than that, everything looked great.

That same day, Nora had her first bath at home.  It was still a sponge bath since she hadn't lost her umbilical cord, and she wasn't a huge fan.

Nora got lots of snuggles from her brothers at home, especially Jack.  Jack wanted to hold her every chance he got.  Charlie liked holding her too but only for short snippets (like 2 minutes).

Some other pictures of our sweet girl getting settled in at home...

Here is Nora at one week old:

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