Easter 2015

We had a full Easter weekend, as per normal.  We started off with hosting my mom's family at our house for dinner on Saturday. The boys were spoiled as usual and got some new coloring stuff, books, bubbles and new kites from Grandma and Grandpa and my aunts and cousins.

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came to our house.  Sneaky Jack woke up before us, crept into the living room and nosed around until he found his Easter basket.  Only then did he come wake us up.  Stinker!
After we ate breakfast, we headed up the street for our 4th Annual Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt.  Our group of neighborhood friends is FULL of boys, with a few girls mixed in.  Check out this crew...
Back row from left: Jack, Jack, Kaden, Nathan
Addison, Logan, Reghan, Hayden, Charlie, Tyson
Drake, Ethan, Will, Levi and Trenton


After naps we headed over to Aunt Cyndi & Uncle Todd's house.  We took a few pictures before the kids were allowed to change clothes and play on the playground.

 The boys brought over their new kites and the kids had a lot of fun flying them.

 They got presents from Grandma & Grandpa Clayton
 New monogrammed beach towels!  (Jack didn't want in this picture)
Another fun holiday!  Easter is one of my favorites because it's spread out to two days for us and the weather is typically pretty nice.

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