St. Patty's Day Race and Parade

This year I signed up to run in the St. Patty's Day race with a few friends from work.  I am totally out of shape and didn't do a ton of training, but still managed to finish not too far behind my friends in the 5 mile race.  Of course, we had to partake in the free beer afterwards...
Priyal, Stephanie, Melissa and me
I stayed downtown after the race and met up with the Knichel clan, who graciously brought Jack and Charlie down with them so we could all watch the parade.  It was kind of chilly, but we had a fun time.
Jack with a goofy smile, Mia, Charlie, Paige & Lily

Green beer!  (Please ignore the terrible angle and double chin I'm sporting)

 We were going to have lunch in Soulard afterwards, but by the time we got over there I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this, so we went home instead.
We missed Daddy, who stayed home to work, but the boys loved getting loot and candy!  A fun way to spend our Saturday!

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