Snow Days

We had very few snowy days this past winter.  We had one snowy Monday in February.  I stayed home from work, but had a lot of conference calls that day, so the boys spent the morning at Grandma and Grandpa Clayton's house with their cousins, who were off school.  When they got home we played outside, albeit very briefly because I discovered I had no decent gloves for them.  The thin stretch gloves they had were soaked instantly and the temperatures were VERY cold, so we came back inside pretty quickly.  Not before we made some snow angels though...

Then we had one more fun snow day.  Sunday, March 1 we got LOTS of snow, so we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Clayton's house to go sledding.  Luckily I had ordered some new waterproof gloves for the boys on amazon.com and they arrived on February 28.  Phew!

Charlie learned an important life lesson from his cousins: how to properly eat snow


A sledding video (Charlie wasn't sure at first, but he came around later and went down a few times).

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