Jack's Indoor Soccer

Jack's soccer team from the fall stayed together to play indoor soccer over the winter.  They played two sessions at Matteson Square Garden, which is not far from our house.  The boys played great together and had a great time.  They might have lost one or two games towards the beginning of the first session, but they didn't lose a single game in the second session.

Jack did really great and said he likes indoor better than outdoor because the ball doesn't go out of bounds.  He also loved that they actually kept score in this league (vs the O'Fallon outdoor league where there are no winners or losers).  They played 4 vs 4 plus goalies, but if a team got ahead by 5 goals, the other team was allowed to add another player.  Jack's team played a lot of 4 on 5, especially in that last session.

We really love watching indoor too.  It is, however, tough to take good pictures or videos of indoor.
One game they were clobbering the other team, so Jack's coaches made 2 of them at a time stay back on defense the whole time.  The other ones basically played 2 on 5.

And then Jack played goalie for a bit, so poor, bored Louis could get some action on the field

The #1 Yellow Jackets: Jack, Parker, Jackson, Liam, Preston, Louis, Tyler, Connor and Ethan

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