Moolah Shrine Circus

In March the Moolah Shrine Circus came to the Family Arena in St. Charles.  Cyndi and Todd have taken their kids the past several years, but our kids hadn't yet been to a circus.  We were excited to go check it out!  Jason again had something going on, so the boys and I tagged along with the Knichels.

Before the circus starts, you can go down on the floor and take an elephant ride, ride a camel, ride a little roller coaster or a few other fun activities.  We told the kids they could pick ONE activity.  What did they pick?  The $10 bouncy slide.  *sigh*  Jack, Charlie and Lily chose the slide.  Luckily, it was a 5 minute turn on the slide and not just once, but still...  Mia chose instead to get her face painted.

 We met a clown while were down there and shockingly, Charlie was not afraid...
 We then told the kids they could either get a snack/treat OR a toy. The boys both chose light-up sword things and Mia chose a spinning light-up thing.  Lily chose to get cotton candy.  As it turns out, the cotton candy at the circus is an enormous serving, so Cyndi and I decided to let Lily get a toy too (she chose a glowing mohawk) and let all the kids have some bites of cotton candy.

I think my favorite act was the bears on the bikes.  I didn't get a video of the bicycle, though I think that was a little more impressive because it required pedaling, but I did take this one of the bear on the motorcycle.
We left at intermission when we noticed they were bringing out all the rides/activities for the break.  The 2nd half wasn't starting any time soon!  Maybe when the boys are a little older, we'll stay the whole time, but for now this was plenty of circus for them.

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