Florida - April 2015

In April Kelly, Greg and Greg's family had a wedding in Florida, so we took that opportunity to plan a joint family vacation with our family and Greg's.  His dad Larry has a house in Rotonda West, Florida, so we Langs rented a house nearby.  We flew into Ft. Myers and had about an hour drive once we got there.  We had a great week long trip!

The boys did great during our travels.  We had a direct flight both ways so not too painful...

The house we rented was perfect for the 6 adults and 4 kids that we had staying there.  It had plenty of space, a fully equipped kitchen and a nice pool and lanai in the backyard.  It worked out great!

Our first night there we went over to Larry and Sandy's house for dinner and a little swimming for the kiddos.  The next day we went to the beach - it was the boys' first time ever!!  They had a lot of fun in the waves and liked playing in the sand too.

Graham was asleep when we got there and had a nice little ocean side nap

Parker with her girl cousins - Catie and Clare

My boys and me

After awhile Charlie curled up on Grandpa's lap and took a catnap
Hard at work digging and building!
Graham and his daddy

Graham and Jack


The Lang girls

Kel and Greg's sister, Gennie
Friday night we went out to dinner.  The kids had a blast playing in the sand before and after dinner.

Jack and Charlie even found a random girl to race with:

 Saturday morning we did some swimming at the house.  When we left off pool season last year Jack refused to jump in or even get his face wet.  Already on this second day of swimming he was making great strides and putting his whole head underwater.  He was so proud of himself (and we were too)!

That's a happy Charlie!

Jack's new skill
That afternoon the whole Goforth clan left town for the wedding.  Greg's mom Rhonda was watching Gennie's daughters Clare and Cate at Greg's dad's house, so they came over for dinner and a movie.  These kids all get along great, so it was a fun night.

Parker with her Grandma Rhonda
Sunday morning my mom and I took the big kids to the playground. 

 After the Goforths got back in town, we got dolled up and headed to the beach for some family pictures (see the next post for the pics).  After the photo shoot, we went back to our house for a birthday party for Mr. Graham, who turned one the day we were leaving Florida.  Isn't he the sweetest little man?
Singing happy birthday to the little man:

After that my days sort of run together (casualty of waiting two months to do the blog post), but I do know that we said goodbye to Jason Monday morning. He had to get back home to work, so that was a bummer.  We went out to dinner at a fun place on the water.

We had another day at the beach.  The waves were REALLY strong that day, which the boys loved.  They especially loved the wave that singlehandedly took both Grandma and me out.  We both lost our footing and went under, and unfortunately Grandma lost her sunglasses.  Jack and Charlie thought it was a riot.  Luckily no photographic evidence of that!!

They spent a lot of time digging holes

We spent lots more time in the pool and Jack ended the week jumping off the side.  Amazing progress for that little guy.  Charlie of course, continued with his adventurous swimming too...


Swimming videos:
And some other random pictures from the week...

We  had a wonderful trip.  We always love getting these cousins together - they have so much fun and get along so great.  Can't wait for a repeat trip sometime!!

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