Charlie's First Haircut

Charlie's hair has been growing very quickly lately, and I've had to trim above his ears probably 3-4 times.  Nevertheless, he was starting to look a bit shaggy.  The back of his head still showed a trace of his bald spot, but as I mentioned a few months ago, on either side there was really long hair...and a lot of it!  SO, we declared him ready for his first real haircut.


We went to the Hairy Elephant like we did for Jack's first.  Charlie did great.  He became very serious and kept the same expression on his face for 3/4 of his time in the big chair.  

I asked the stylist to leave the top alone (except for a few long stragglers in the front) but clean up the sides and back.  She did just what I wanted and now our little guy is looking quite dapper if I do say so myself.

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