Charlie is 10 Months Old!

I'm over a week late with this post, but Little Man has hit the 10 month mark.
Charlie has fully mastered the crawling and likes to switch it up sometimes by crawling by keeping his left knee up and just using his foot instead.  It's funny because when Parker was here, both she and Charlie were doing the same thing with the same leg.  He seems to be doing more of the normal crawl lately and boy is he fast!  He's always standing, cruising around everything.  He can now gently lower himself to the ground and bend to pick things up and go back to the standing position (as opposed to before when the only way he knew to get down from standing was to plop down).  He also loves to let go and stand on his own - he can stand for about 10 seconds before he sits down.

 The most exciting development this month: Charlie can now walk behind his walker!!  He's pretty good at it; that is, until he hits a wall or other obstacle - he has no idea how to steer yet.  These videos were taken the first night he really attempted it and he's gotten better and better since then:
I took Charlie back for an ear re-check last week and his left ear had healed, but now his right ear in infected.  So he is working through round 2 of the same antibiotic.  I will take him back again next week to get him rechecked, but this pattern feels very familiar,  He may have tubes in his future just like his big brother.  Our pediatrician hasn't mentioned it yet, but the last two times we've been there for ears we have seen a nurse practitioner.  I will be sure to see our regular doctor at this next re-check so we can get to the bottom of this.

Charlie can still fit into 12 month clothes, but he's mostly wearing 18 months now.  He officially has four teeth - three on the bottom and the top middle right one, which is still less than halfway in.  There are 1-2 more on top that are following closely behind.
Mr. Man is still taking two naps and is a great sleeper at night.  I put him down after I nurse him and he's usually still awake.  I just hold him for about 20 seconds and rock and then place him in his crib and leave.  Piece of cake.  He generally wakes up around 6:00 after going to bed around 7:30 or 7:45.
 Charlie has a great new expression where he scrunches up his little nose and smiles.  He reminds me of his daddy when he does it:
Charlie loves to wave and usually will do it when we say bye bye to him.  We still cannot get him to consistently do "so big."  Maybe he realizes it's not a critical skill.  He also loves to "talk" and his favorite sound is dadadada.  He loves to point at us with his fist (demonstrated in one of the videos above), which I totally love.  He also enjoys playing catch with us.  Sometimes the ball lands right back in his lap when he "throws" it, but other times he is able to send it flying.  He still uses both hands, but sometimes I really think he favors his left.  Time will tell.

These photo sessions are not easy anymore!
That's our boy at 10 months!  Always on the move, always happy and always making us laugh.  This is a fun, fun age!!

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Kelly Goforth said...

I love the expression on Charlie's face with Jack hugging him, classic. He looks so much more grown up just from 8 to 10 months