Jack has yet another ear infection! He's had a runny nose and has been coughing and Monday night started tugging on his ears, so we took him to get checked Tuesday. Sure enough, both ears are infected. We started Augmenten again, and we're going to meet with an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist on Wednesday. It seems tubes might be in our future. Jack seems to be feeling back to normal - his cough and runny nose have gotten better and he's sleeping great.

Some other updates...day care has successfully switched Jack's daytime bottles to sippy cups, which will make our transition to whole milk next month (!) easier. We're still doing bottles in the morning and at night, but the rest of Jack's formula comes via cup.

He is still not walking, but so close. We keep thinking any day now, but he seems perfectly content cruising around behind his walker. He practically runs behind that thing now, and just steers it all over the place.

Jack now has seven teeth - four on top and three on bottom. He's starting to bite things (the spoon, for example), but luckily hasn't started biting us yet - that will not be a fun day!

Mini photo shoot of the smiley guy:

I don't know why, but I LOVE this picture. It was taken mid-raspberry and his lips look HUGE - ha ha!
Daddy put him in a grown-up chair to eat a donut (this lasted about 2 minutes, when he was quickly moved to his high chair, but it was cute for those 2 minutes):

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