First Steps!

Jack is officially taking steps! He has been standing without holding things for longer and longer periods and occasionally takes a step/stumble. Tonight he kept lifting his hands above his head and laughing, then all of a sudden, he took off for his daddy, which was about 4 steps! After that, he was all about walking, going back and forth from Mommy to Daddy, giggling the whole time (while Mommy and Daddy both had tears in our eyes). Such a big shot! We took some video to demonstrate:

As the night wore on, he kept trying out his new skill. I think his record was about 10 steps in a row! My favorite is that you know when he's going to take off because he lifts his arms above his head (I guess from walking holding our hands??), lets out a giggle, then takes off. He'll be walking all over the place in no time!!

Also, we went to the ENT specialist today, and as we suspected, Jack will be getting tubes. We haven't scheduled it yet, but it will likely take place in the next few weeks. It is a quick out-patient procedure, and his total time away from us (including going to sleep and waking back up) will be 30-45 minutes. The recovery is very quick too - my friend Kate said Zoey was back to normal after her second nap. Hopefully Jack's recovery is that quick too, and we can nip these ear infections in the bud!


Kelly said...

I absolutely love how much he is laughing in this! He is so, so excited to be that mobile and independent. You guys are in TROU-BLE.

Melissa said...

That laugh is ridiculously cute!! Go Jack :)

Alison Marciano said...

I love, love, love it!!!! What a happy guy!!!!! Can you believe your baby boy is walking??!!!

Carol said...

So cute!!! Love the way he laughs!

Samantha Lindle said...

That is so cute!

Sam had tubes too and she was fine after her first nap. Didn't have another ear infection for a year when her tube fell out.