Bad Mommy & Happy 4th

Well, I've officially forfeited my bid for Mommy of the Year. Thursday night as I was putting Jack into his high chair for dinner, he arched his back and spun right out of my hands, tumbling to the floor. I dropped my child. Turns out he's fine, but oh man, that is not a good feeling. THEN, in case my good mommy status was still unclear, I rolled his fingers up in the car window Saturday night. Again, he was fine, but Mommy is not very happy with herself. Poor baby. It's hard enough being a toddler trying to explore the world without your mommy trying to beat you up left and right!

On to happier topics...we had a very nice holiday weekend. We spent a lot of time with good friends and Jack got a lot of quality play time with his buddies.

Family photo:Jack & Nathan swimming:Jack and Addi swimming:
Addi, Jack and Nathan trying out the play yard (thanks Claytons & Knichels - that thing worked great to corral the kiddos!):
This is Jack's new way of playing with Maggie - too funny. Good thing we have one of the world's most tolerant dogs:

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Kelly said...

Jack & Maggie are going to have so much fun together when he gets a little older!