Magic House

This weekend Jack passed the eleven month mark, and we celebrated by checking out the Magic House. Melissa and I took Addi and Jack Saturday while the daddies played in a golf tournament. Neither Mel nor I had been to the Magic House since we were in grade school, and boy has it changed! The place is HUGE now! Three stories of exhibits and fun things to do. We had a good time, and both agreed it will just get more fun each time as the babies get older and can do more.

There was one whole section made for kids their size, and it included a ball pit (Jack LOVED it)a toy kitchen (Addi LOVED it)a waterworks area (BOTH loved it) and a few other pint-sized things to climb on.

And of course, we couldn't go to the Magic House without touching the electrically-charged ball. My hair so heavy and thick, it wasn't near as funny as other people's, and Jack hair already sticks up, so our picture is somewhat disappointing.
Melissa & Addi's picture turned out cute though - if you look closely, you can see Addi's hair sticking out. So fun.Then on the way home, Jack got his first kids' meal! Turns out Burger King has a mac & cheese meal. It came with a juice box - his first experience with juice (aside from prune juice from his early cereal-eating days) and first successful encounter with a straw. What a big guy!

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