Little Gym

This morning we did a trial class at The Little Gym. It was a 45-minute class and it was a lot of fun. We played with bells and scarves, walked and jumped and much to Jack's delight, played with balls. But the best part was exploring all of the gymnastics equipment - they had balance beams, bars, rings and lots and lots of mats to play on. Jack pretty much ignored all the organized activities (circle time, etc.) and explored the whole time. He had a lot of fun!I don't know if we'll start going there regularly though because it's pretty pricey. It costs about $300 for 20 45-minute sessions.

We took some pictures the other night of Jack's first experience with toothpaste. We've been brushing his teeth for a few months, but have just been using water. He really enjoys it. Now I bought some fluoride-free toothpaste and so far, so good!Just being cute:
Playing in the kitchen:

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