First Lake Trip

We went to the lake last weekend for our annual family friends trip. It was Jack's first trip to the lake, complete with his first boat ride. We had a great time, though we quickly learned a trip to the lake is not the same when you have a child with you (planning around nap times and bedtimes = much more condo time than we're used to). Jack struggled sleeping the first night (Thursday) and was awake from 12:00 - 2:30. Phew!! Thank goodness Grandma and Grandpa were there to help a very frustrated Mommy (Jason didn't arrive until Friday). He did great for all his other naps and night times, so I guess he was just getting used to the new surroundings.

His first boat ride was when we got there on Thursday afternoon - we just took a quick ride over to the restaurant where all the parents (including Grandma) were hanging out. Jack seemed to enjoy the boat ride - he even lifted his arm up at one point, I think to feel the air blowing on him. However, to say he was not a fan of his life jacket is an understatement! He's too young to understand "see? the other kids are wearing one too" so he just had to fight us.

First boat ride (you can see his wind-blown hair):
On Friday's boat ride, he seemed to tolerate the life jacket much better and was so relaxed that he fell asleep in Daddy's arms. When we anchored the boat to hang out in the water for awhile, we laid Jack on one of the seats in front of a fan and he slept for a good hour. Impressive with Grandpa's friend Smitty's music and the chatter of all our friends. After his nap, we got in the water. He liked it at first, but got annoyed after 15 minutes or so - I assume because the life jacket was riding up on him. That pesky thing!

Second boat ride - VERY relaxing:
Snoozing on the boat:
Swimming in the lake!
Cool guy in his shades:
We also did some shopping (a must at the lake!) and hit the pool for a bit. All in all, it was a great weekend.

I like this picture because you can see his new front teeth and the cute little gap that it looks like he'll be sporting:
Jack & Grandpa in their (kind of) matching shirts:
These jammies were a lake outlet mall purchase - too cute (thanks Grandma!):

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