First Pool Visit

A few weekends ago (I'm playing catch-up here), we had our first visit of the season to the neighborhood pool.  We recruited Grandma Lang to go with us and we had a lot of fun.  Charlie loved splashing in his little float and just had a general look of contentment the whole time we were there.  It took Jack some time to relax in the water - we had to beg him to let go of us so he could realize that he floats when wearing his puddle jumper.  He got braver and braver as our short visit went on.  

 Of course, after I took Charlie out of his float, Jack wanted to get in it.
We went back another night with Daddy and Jack was a touch more relaxed - even jumping off the edge of the pool into my arms!
Hopefully we can have a few more visits to the pool this summer!!

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