Charlie's 9 Month Pictures

I'm a little behind in my posts, but here are Charlie's nine month pictures.  We used the same photographer we've been using, Joel Marion.  He suggested Twin Oaks Park in Ballwin.  We had never been there before and it was a beautiful park.  I went solo with the two boys, so I was a bit nervous how it would go, but they were both great.  Charlie hammed it up for the camera and Jack was great standing behind the photographer with me trying to get Charlie to look at us and smile.  We're happy with how they turned out.  Here are some of my favorites:

I dressed Jack in a cute outfit just in case he decided to join in the fun, but I told myself over and over not to be disappointed if he refused to be photographed since the main goal was documenting Charlie at nine months.  Wouldn't you know it, my big guy finally decided he wanted in on the fun at the end.  He gave us some great smiles, but unfortunately Mr. Charlie had decided enough was enough at that point.  Oh well, maybe next time...

My sister and niece came to visit last weekend, so a post about their visit will be coming soon!

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