Memorial Day Weekend

We had a nice long Memorial Day weekend.  The highlight was the 2nd Annual Memorial Day Fish Fry, which we hosted Sunday at our house.  Jason fried all the fish (mostly crappie) that he and his friends have caught over the past several months, and it was yummy!

The weather turned out pretty nice.  It was actually 93ish degrees, but there was a nice breeze so it didn't feel so bad.  We also had a blow-up pool for the kids, a water table for the babies, an industrial fan and plenty of shade via borrowed pop-up tents.

Observe the fun through pictures:
Addison Asher & Jack cruisin'

Maggie, Connor & Aiden Neu and Mia & Lily Knichel

Ethan Asher, Tyson Mincher & Charlie

From the back in their festive wear

Nathan Mincher, cousin Lily & Jack

Addi & Jack eating

Jack pulling his ladies, Zoey Kuehler & Addi

Dapper Guy

Grandpa Lang pulling Jack & Addi

Intense washers with a peanut gallery observing

Tyson, Charlie & Nathan

Jack playing washers

Grandma Lang & Jack
Impromptu cup holder creation for the washers players

End of night snuggles: Addi, Lily & Jack
Lily & Jack

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