Goodbye to Maggie

Jack, Charlie & Maggie in November
Well, after about two years of consideration, we have become a dog-free home.  We have not been giving Maggie the attention she deserves and sadly she had become more of a nuisance than a fun plaything.  She has always been a great dog; we just decided we don't spend the time with her that we should.  SO we started asking around to see if we could find a home where she would get the attention she needs and deserves.

Last Sunday at our Memorial Day party our friend Jill mentioned her sister Julie was looking for a second dog. Her first dog is a timid little dog (Princess) that was rescued from a puppy mill and needs a playmate.  Plus Julie's daughter, who just graduated from high school, wanted a running mate.  Jill sent Julie a picture and they agreed to come get her the next morning for a trial.  Jack watched her leave and when I said she was going to live with Julie, Meghan and Princess  he said "she can live here with me."  Since then he's asked about once/day "where's Maggie?"  We just remind him that she went to live with her new friend Princess and he moves on.

I got an update Monday night and they said Maggie cried and paced all day.  They took her to a dog park twice (about the number of times she's been in her 6 year life) and took her on two walks, which seemed to help.  The update on Wednesday was that she had settled in and is always snuggling with her new BFF Princess, and Julie put a picture on Facebook of the doggies taking over her bed.

We are so happy we were able to find such a great new home for Mags.  I know she will be so happy having a buddy and getting spoiled with walks and dog park visits and just general love and affection!!

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