8 Months!

Charlie turned eight months old on Wednesday.  Unfortunately he celebrated by being sick.  He felt warm Monday night and by Tuesday at lunch had a high fever (103 degrees).  I took him to the doctor who said there is a virus going around that is basically just a 2-3 day fever and a runny nose (his only other symptom), so it could be that.  He said it may also be an ear infection, but he wasn't sure because there was wax blocking the view of his right ear.  He tried to clean it out to get a better look, but our boy was mad with a capital M, so he gave up.  He gave us amoxicillin just in case that ear is in fact infected.  Tuesday overnight Charlie was burning up and running a fever of 103.4.  We called pediatrician's exchange just to be sure and they said just wait it out unless his fever creeps up to 105.  Luckily, it did not.  The fever came and went all day Wednesday but by that evening it was gone.  Thursday Charlie seemed to feel a little better, but was still not himself, struggling to eat and go to sleep.  Day care tells me that today he was happy as can be (aside from not taking his bottles well), and he went to bed just fine tonight, SO I think we're getting closer to normal.  Phew!

The 8 month photo shoot took place mid-fever but he still managed to shell out quite a few smiles.

 Let's see what's new with Charlie this month.  STILL no teeth, but I just know this is going to be the month (have I said that before??).  His bottom gums are practically see-through they are so white, so they've got to be popping through any second.

He's not quite mobile yet, but he can spin all around whether he is sitting or lying on his tummy.  He does some scooting, but doesn't do a ton of rolling.  He's not really getting up on all fours from the lying position, but he is getting close from the sitting position.  This video nicely demonstrates his current movement abilities.
He's also getting close to pulling up.  He especially likes to pull on Jack's train table so he can try for the various trains and tracks that are just barely out of his reach.  He can get his bottom off the ground, but hasn't quite gotten to his feet on his own yet.  However, this guy LOVES to stand and that's his preferred position if someone is helping him out.  He's getting more and more sturdy and can almost stand on his own while holding onto something (just can't get to that position on his own).  Here's a little step-by-step photo demonstration of what he can do on his own:
Reaching for something good

Almost up on his own!

Then he's stuck leaning forward into the table
Charlie's starting to experiment more with sounds and surprises even himself sometimes with the noises that come out.  He consistently says "dadadada" and "babababa."  Today his teacher said he was talking about Dada all day and I said "when are you going to start talking about Mama?"  The teacher said "I know, we were trying to get him to say mama since it's Mother's Day and all and he tried, but it came out 'nananana.'"  So I guess that's another consonant sound for him.  Just no M's.  I'll have to be patient.
 He also loves to squeal and squeak and blow raspberries and laugh.  He is really laughing a lot more these days, especially when Jack entertains him.  Quite often in the car Jack plays peek-a-boo or some other silly game with Charlie and they both just laugh and laugh.  I can't help but smile as I quietly watch them interact.  So fun.
 We're starting to experience some separation anxiety, especially when it comes to Mama.  He generally does fine when I drop him off at school and Grandma & Grandpas, but if we're just hanging out and I leave the room, he gets upset.  He also doesn't like it if I walk into a room after being gone for any stretch of time and don't pay attention to him right away.  His other new thing is playing shy when he meets people - he'll give a big smile then bury his head into my (or whoever's holding him at the time) shoulder.  It's really cute but I have no idea where babies pick up these mannerisms??
Charlie is starting to try new kinds of finger foods and he's getting very good at feeding himself.  He's mastered the puffs and the yogurt melts (those are his favorites), but we've also tried bits of noodles, sliced cheese, mandarin oranges and scrambled eggs.  I've heard that opinions have changed (again) and now most doctors recommend introducing the potential allergens earlier, which is why we gave the eggs a whirl.  He actually really liked them and was doing great feeding himself, but after a few bites, his chin turned red and splotchy so I took them away.  We'll try again soon - hopefully it was just a fluke.  This month we plan to really start branching out in the foods he's eating; the purees are getting a little boring for the little man.  He's had a few meats, but only in the form of store-bought baby food - so far I haven't made him any meat.
Tonight Charlie took his first bath in the big bathtub AND his first bath with his big brother.  Although this technically happened in his 9th month, I'm including it here because I think it's too cute and can't wait to share.

And finally, here's the monthly comparison.  Little man looks all grown up just from 7 months to 8 months, does he not??

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