Potty Training Success!

Just a little update on our big boy's progress.  Friday was a vast improvement over Thursday and he did excellent over the weekend.  First, Friday: It started with taking Charlie to day care, and of course this is the day there is an accident on the highway so it took us over an hour to get there.  I was in panic mode when we finally arrived, so I quickly handed Charlie off to his teachers telling them I'd be back to check him in and carted Jack off to the potty.  He went in the teachers' bathroom and did both - he was so proud!!  The rest of the day went mostly well.  We played at home for awhile, then visited Grandma Clayton at work and checked out the fire trucks.  Then we ate at Mommy's favorite Chick-Fil-A. After we finished eating, we went potty before playing on the indoor playground.  Unfortunately, he had a poo poo accident while we were playing so we had to rush back to the bathroom to change and then left the restaurant in a tizzy (he wanted to play more but we were out of time by the time we got him all cleaned up).  That afternoon & evening he had a few more pee pee accidents but nothing too crazy.

Saturday.was.awesome!  We went to soccer and I was so nervous how that would go.  We went potty as soon as we got there and then he went the whole 45 minute class without any accidents!!  After naptime we went to Addi's 3rd birthday party (more on that in another post - I took lots of pictures that I haven't uploaded yet), and Jack was great!  Jason set "the bells" (the timer on his phone) for every 20-30 minutes and Jack didn't fight him once and went potty every time.  NO ACCIDENTS ALL DAY!  Even with the distraction of all his buddies AND a bouncy house to play in!  We were so proud of our guy!

Then yesterday was the same story - he only had one accident, which was after we put him down for his nap when he went poo poo in his pull-up (which we're using for naps and night time).  Unfortuantely for Mommy he had insisted on keeping underwear on UNDER his pull-up so another messy clean-up.

Today he went to school in his new skivvies so we'll see how he does.  I told his teachers that his answer is generally no when you ask him if he needs to go, so they'll need to make him sit on the potty.  They said they'd take him every hour, so hopefully that will work out.  We brought lots of extra underpants, shorts, socks, etc just in case.

While we are still in "remind him often and convince him to sit on the potty" mode right now, we're still very happy with the quick progress Jack has already made.  He's been waking up dry from his naps, so that's a good sign too.  We are two proud and happy parents!

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