Addi's Party

This weekend we celebrated Jack's BFF's 3rd birthday.  It was a fun party with a big group of friends.  The highlight was the bouncy house they borrowed from a friend.  The kids had a blast!!
Charlie's dapper outfit (hand-me-down from Cole Saneholtz  - thanks Sarah!)

Charlie and Ethan Asher

Austin Kuehler and Charlie

It was a Minnie Mouse theme so they tried on some ears

Addi (birthday girl!), Jack, Reghan Lade and Sloan Schneider

Jack, Addi and Nathan Mincher

Wrestle Mania in the bouncy house

This video is from the week before but just shows Jack and Addi being buddies.  They were watching a lightning storm and Addi was assuring Jack it wouldn't hurt him.  Love it.

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