Swim Lesson!

Jack had his first swim lesson today, and I think he liked it!! The water was a little chilly, but he didn't complain. We had some play time, then went around in the lazy river practicing different things - floating on the kickboard, floating on his back, etc. Then he got to go down a little slide (though it wasn't very slippery, so it was more Mommy yanking him down). Turns out it was kind of a workout between lifting him up and down and half squatting to stay low in the not too deep water. I bet I'm sore tomorrow!! It was fun, and I look forward to next week!

Jason humored me and took the requested 40 pictures, along with some video. He even rolled up his jeans and waded into the water to get closer (I think he just wanted brownie points after he arrived a few minutes late, and it worked - he was quickly forgiven).

The video is kind of long (almost 4 minutes), so feel free to skip over it (I'll never know!!):

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