Cuts & Cocktails

Most of you know, but some may not, that Jason's mom Darlene was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in December. She had a lumpectomy in January followed by some intense radiation 2x/day for a week. She has now completed her second of four chemo sessions and started to lose her hair. Enter her wonderful work friends (she works at a firehouse), who planned an awesome party for Friday night. The theme was "Cuts & Cocktails" and several beauticians donated their services to shave Darlene's hair, along with anyone else who wanted to shave their heads in support. Several firefighters quickly volunteered (I'm guessing maybe 12 of them), along with Mert (my father-in-law), Jason and Todd (my brother-in-law), a few other friends and even some kiddos. Turns out they all look pretty decent bald!

It was a fun night with a great turnout - I think the guest of honor had a good time. The night started for her with the big pink fire truck from Wentzville picking her up at her house as a surprise. So fun!

Everyone wore pink shirts in support. Our family had some very fun ones:
Darlene's: Cancer Sucks
Mert's: Save the Racks (with a picture of deer antlers)
Jason's: F Cancer (of course that's what he picked)
Todd: Support Second Base
Jack: I'm Not a Girl, I Wear Pink for My Grandma
Mine: Fight Like a Girl
Cyndi's: Lots of different words for breasts (i.e. Bazookas, Boulders, Gazongas, Guns, etc...)

Darlene is doing great - she's handling the chemo like a pro and so far has just had a few days of "ickiness" after each treatment. She'll be back to normal in no time!!

Here are a bunch of pics from the party.

Darlene's chariot:
Clayton family w/the pink firetruck:The fun cake:
Party favors:Let the shaving begin:Almost done!
Mert's turn:Jason mid-shaving - nice strip down the middle (and notice the fallen curls on his shoulder):
Todd steps up:Jack getting in on the fun:Family Clayton post-shaving (Annie, Jack, Jason, Darlene, Mert, Cyndi, Todd):The baldies (Todd, Jason, Darlene and Mert):
Our friends who came to support Darlene (Renee, me, Melissa and Shea):Greg, J and Ryan:Cyndi & Me:
My handsome boys:

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Jennifer said...

She's lucky to have such a loving, supportive group of family and friends. Best of luck to her in this fight!